Blues That You ChooseBlues That You Choose
Steve’s new CD, ”Blues That You Choose”, is available for purchase and has a blues backbone and incorporates the diversity of influences he’s accumulated throughout his life. Each song is a new turn down the album’s road.

Produced by: Dan Walters - Conspicuous Bridge Music BMI
Engineered by: Matt McKeown at Sound Mind Studios
Mixed & Mastered by: Oz Fritz
Cover Design by: Matt McKeown & Ann Barrera (Reel Time Studios)
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Blues That You Choose

1. Bloodletters and Bluesmen

2. Make Love Stay

3. Blues That You Choose

4. Feel The Fire

5. Tangled

6. Searchin’

7. Like I Found You

8. Be Your Man

9. Free Flight

10. Prayer In Open D

Blues That You Choose

Steve Shanholtzer
Jacksonville, Florida
Phone: (904) 923-1845

Steve Shanholtzer

Steve Shanholtzer

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